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Conceptual Special

Product or Memento Photography

This special is to showcase new concepts, scenes, and props that need to be photographed alongside objects for either product or memento photography. Photographer will choose props and setup details based on current needs. 

All participants whose items worked with the concept will receive one free web-sized and watermarked digital image of their choice with the option to purchase full size photos without watermarks at the current discount. Any participants whose items were provided but did not work well with the concept will have their items photographed in another setup as determined by the photographer and will receive the same file choices as the other participants.

This is an excellent way to get affordable professional photography of your special keepsakes or products.

Booking Information

Booking Section

Step 1: Booking Form

Please fill out the above booking form for this event with your contact information, preferences, and any initial questions you may have for us at any time - day or night. We will respond to confirm if your items are suitable for our current needs, address all initial questions, and discuss timelines. Spots remain open until the paperwork in Step 2 is completed.

Step 2: Paperwork

Please keep an eye out for your agreement after you've booked your session. This agreement goes over what will be provided and what each party can do with the photos. Your slot is only reserved if this paperwork is signed before it expires; otherwise your preferred spots will remain open. 

Step 3: Item drop off/pick up

Clients are welcome to drop off their items Monday through Friday on the agreed-upon week. All items received in a week will be photographed that weekend. Items will be available for pickup at any time the following week. Clients who prefer to stay with their items during the shoot are welcome to purchase our Commercial or Memento packages at the current prices.

Current Concepts

Current Concepts

Conceptual specials will be announced via our Instagram or Facebook pages on an as-needed basis. Available shooting dates will be communicated once we receive enough interested parties and items for these concepts. Items listed serve as a general size reference; this discount is not limited to these items.

Ice Cream Cones

We are currently accepting submissions for a summer concept involving ice cream cones (without ice cream).

Ideal Items

Miniature and small items that could fit inside an ice cream cone such as jewelry, makeup, bath bombs, etc.


We are currently accepting submissions for a summer concept involving beach rocks photographed in studio.


Ideal Items

Miniature and small items such as jewelry, makeup, bath bombs, etc.

Super Macro

We are currently accepting submissions for a super-macro shots for extreme up-close details.


Ideal Items

Any-sized item that would benefit from super macro shots showing off the fine details of the item; such as jewelry or fabrics.

Dates & Timeline

Special Dates & Timeline


Exact dates will be determined once enough interested parties have submitted their information. 

These are our current target months for this concept depending on interested parties.


Item Drop Off

Monday  - Friday

8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Photo Shoots

Saturday - Sunday

Photographer Only

Item Pick Up

Monday  - Friday

8:00 am - 7:00 pm

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