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Media Features


Below are the instances in which Artifex Imaging appeared in the media.

We would be honored to add your feature to this page. 


Art Exhibits
Miss Amanda II

Tiki Bubble Beach Party 3 Online Pop-Up 

Bubble Pop Gallery | April 3, 2020

Bakersfield, CA | Ashleymarie Sey Lively

Peer Pressure I & Peer Pressure II

Rise - a female artist showcase opening

Bubble Pop Gallery | March 6, 2020

Bakersfield, CA | Ashleymarie Sey Lively



The 10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Bakersfield, CA | August 12, 2021 

(Artist # 9)

Raquel is the kind of photographer who lets her subjects be themselves in front of the camera. And whether that style is playful or pin-up perfect is up to them. The alchemy between artist and subject can be felt in the finished product—a showcase of creativity on both sides of the camera. Her style is best suited for those who want a subtly sexy shoot—she is all about the implicit instead of the explicit. And in doing so, she proves that everybody can do a boudoir shoot, no matter your comfort level with nakedness. 

Living Through a Pandemic: Artists Experiment, Inspire, and Persevere | June 7, 2020 

(Artist # 13) 

I postponed all portrait projects and shifted focus to product photography. I am working with other independent artists and small businesses to provide TFP (Trade for Print) images for their websites. Every little bit helps in a time of need and I am happy to do my part!

Art fun ready to Pop Up on Friday | April 3, 2020 

Interview with Artifex Imaging




Hand Crafted Queen Size Comfy Knit Blanket

March, 9 2022

Raquel's Rainbow Afghan

March, 5 2022

Chunky Knit Baby Blanket

March, 3 2022

Somewhere Strange

Wooden Chalkboard Laptop

April 26, 2020

Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles

Stephanie Garcia

Professional Headshot

LinkedIn | November 29, 2022

Trasheena Birdine

Professional Headshots

Sheena Styles Official Facebook | June 23, 2022

Amanda Duke

Professional Headshots

Amanda Duke Official IMDB | February 24, 2021

Website Design & Images

Amanda Duke Official Website | August 13, 2020

Modeling Galleries

Amanda Duke Modeling | August 13, 2020

Angela Poncetta

Modeling Gallery

Projects: Junk Yard, Gothic Boudoir, & Mermaid Boudoir

Angela Poncetta Official Facebook | August 27, 2019

Jodi Moore

Professional Headshot

Miramar Realty | December 17, 2013



Jennifer Evans


Beautiful Formal Pictures | February 2, 2023


Beautiful Formal pictures of our very stunning Claire. Thanks to my mom for making this beautiful dress. Thanks to @artifeximaging for these amazing shots.

Glad Kaya

Special and unique photography art print | August 2, 2022

Look how lovely this print is 😍 it’s not your regular photo print but very special and unique metallic art print by @artifeximaging. It is thick and sturdy metallic on matte print that can be framed or mounted as it is. High quality photo, fast shipping, properly packaged.
I chose this particular image because of the bee 🐝☺️ I love bees. Bee is a potent symbol of love in sweet abundance 🥰

Fairy Cottage Embroidery

This was a proud mom moment | November 8, 2022


Raquel Took These Awesome Pictures | November 8, 2022

I want to send a huge thank you to Raquel at @artifeximaging for these wonderful pictures! She captured the moment when I sold a couple of embroidered greeting cards that my young daughter designed. This was a proud mom moment; and thanks to Raquel—a moment that I was able to share with my daughter, who was ecstatic to know that the customer loved her design.

DJ Pantomime

Ready to Rock | November 8, 2022

Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures | November 7, 2022

Thank you so much to @artifeximaging for these beautiful pictures. We had such an amazing time at the @chillzonemarket this past Sunday. If you need some top notch photos feel free to contact @artifeximaging and if you want a super spooky card holder, feel free to contact @kookyattachments and snag yours today.

Cottage Confessions

Such a cool photo | October 24, 2022

Grey Skies Rainbow Highs

I absolutely love this metallic print | September 1, 2022

Usually I like neutrals and oranges, but then I saw this print from @artifeximaging 🎃 and thought maybe I should add some color this year? I absolutely love this metallic print. It’s thick, shiny, and doesn’t have to be in a frame — which is perfect for our home. She has a ton of beautiful images you can pick from too — check out her Etsy store and show some love. There’s the cutest skeleton pictures perfect for Halloween 👻

Zombi Luvr 2

The spooky vibes are to die for | August 24, 2022

If you're looking for some neat matallic artwork please check out @artifeximaging Etsy shop

The spooky vibes are to die for 🥰😍

Folksy Tots

Beautiful metallic tree texture print | July 31, 2022

Thank you to @artifeximaging for this beautiful metallic tree texture print. They have so many nature inspired prints it was hard to choose one, but I love a good black and white that can move throughout the house and match the color theme of multiple rooms.

Baylee Smith

Underwater Effect | November 14, 2022


Bomb Mermaid Setup | November 14, 2022 


Setting Up My Background | November 14, 2022


Art Projection Series | October 20, 2022


An amazing photographer in Bakersfield | October 10, 2022


Dark Mermaid Sneak Peek | September 26, 2022


Sneak Peek Coming Soon | July 12, 2022


Welcome to the Red Room | June 30, 2022


Amazing Work In Progress Photos | December 29, 2022


This might be my favorite photo | March 14, 2022


My First Commercial Photos | March 9, 2022

Angela Poncetta

One of my favorite model shoots | April 14, 2020


Thank you ladies for sharing your talent | April 29, 2019


Something fun and unique | April 14, 2019


Fun modeling shots | March 24, 2019


Had so much fun taking these pictures! | February 26, 2019

Diana Planck


I love them so much! | June 1, 2021

Jerrod and I got our pictures done by the AMAZING Raquel Olague. Here are some of my faves! Check out her Facebook, Artifex Imaging! She had some soccer, pandemic, and other great ideas. We got a lot of different shots and I love them so much!

Pixel Pengin


Loving this sticker | March 31, 2020


Loving this sticker I got from @artifeximaging - it just arrived one day in the mail and definitely brightened my day quite a bit. I love it! 💕 I added it to my closet where all my stickers go now. It's a slow process but its growing!

Sey Studios


Little Orphan Alien | March 13, 2020


Thank you Raquel from @artifeximaging for the beautiful review and lovely photo of a little orphan alien in his new home.

Karen Spence Wright


A mermaid dream come true | July 17, 2019


My daughter went to the mermaid photo event and had, in her words, a mermaid dream come true! It wasn't just pictures, but an entire mermaid experience with make up and hair and fun activities during "down time". She had an amazing time and we got beautiful pictures!

Jessica Daniel


Art Print | April 14, 2019


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