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Memento Photography


What sets Artifex Imaging apart?

Video consultations available

We schedule a video call to discuss your photo goals and budget so we can tailor a session for you together. We love the art of photography and are happy to assist. Video calls can be scheduled from 6pm to 8pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 8pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Photos fully edited and in full resolution

We edit all the images provided to you so that they are of the absolute best quality. These are made available for download in full resolution. 




$26 per image

One item

Simple setting


$33 per image

One or multiple items

Themed setting


$100 per image

One or multiple items




Keepsakes will be photographed on one surface with a simple background without any additional scenery or accessories to accentuate the keepsakes. 


Keepsakes will be photographed in a scenic environment with thematic elements that accent your keepsakes. 


Keepsakes will be photographed with in a scenic environment and modeled by you or your loved ones.

Studio Setup Example

Scenic Setup Examples

Lifestyle Setup Examples

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