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Boudoir Prep​

Tips to prepare for your session

Before Booking

Contact me for scheduling 

Call, text, or email me to discuss your needs, availability, etc. so we can coordinate your session. Your session will not be booked until payment is received so you will have time to make any necessary arrangements before committing. Openings are on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to confirm the dates are still available prior to booking.

Find childcare if needed 

Children are not allowed to attend boudoir sessions so please arrange childcare in advance as well as a backup option in case the original arrangement falls through. The session will need to be rescheduled if you cannot find childcare. The session can be rescheduled once the $250 rescheduling fee is paid in full. This fee is to compensate my team.

Find a buddy to be your escort if desired 

Escorts are always welcome in our studio! It is industry standard for models and clients to bring an escort along for their safety and comfort. We are an all-female team and are LGBTQ+ friendly, but I still recommend bringing an escort as they help boost confidence and make the session even more fun. 

After Booking


Think about the look and mood you want 

There are many different themes, moods, looks, etc. that you can go for. Do you want a comfortable lounge mood, wild and fun vibe, or a simple and elegant look? Look up examples here on Artifex Imaging or elsewhere online. Save anything you like to your Pinterest, straight to your phone, etc. Be sure to forward the images or links to me so I can tailor your session for you.

Discuss your hair and makeup needs with my team

I will connect you with my team so that you can send images and discuss your overall look, specific requests, etc.  

Ask questions as they come up 

Please ask questions as they think of them and I will answer as soon as I am able. No need to wait until business hours are open so you don't forget your question. This will help you be feel more comfortable and prepared for your session. 

Try on different outfits at home and in stores

Be sure to try on outfits to make sure they fit you the way you want and they suit the look you are going for. There will be time for a few different arrangements so you will have opportunities to change your outfits accordingly. Arrangements can include boudoir, shower, or bathtub setups. You can be nude or clothed in a bathing suit, regular clothing, or lingerie for any setup. I highly recommend matching bras and panties.

Pick out items that will lend a personal flair

There are many different items that represents parts of ourselves. Incorporating these items into your session will make the results more personal for you. Examples can be items of your partner's clothing, hobby/craft tools, activities that you and/or your partner enjoy, etc. Intimate accessories are welcome but please do not bring adult toys. Please ask if you are unsure. 

Find or create a playlist

Music is a powerful art that can transform a photo session into your own world. Find or create a playlist makes you feel beautiful, sexy, confident, or relaxed depending on the vibe you are going for. I suggest staring your search with Spotify since we have a premium account and can play through the entire session without ads. I highly recommend you find a playlist that suits your own personal taste and desired mood but I've listed a few suggestions below. 

Suggested Playlists

Evening Acoustic - A relaxing playlist featuring acoustic guitar and piano music

Evening Jazz- A relaxing playlist featuring classical jazz music

Boudoir - A boudoir-themed playlist featuring a variety of genres

Remove body hair at least 2-3 days before the shoot (if desired)

Be sure to pluck, shave, or wax at least 2-3 days in advance if desired to avoid visible skin irritations the day of your session. Leg hair is not likely to show up on camera, but I do recommend touching up your eyebrows, underarms, and bikini area.  

The Day Prior

Pack anything you think you might want. The more options you have, the better! This includes clothes, personal items to use as props, anything you typically use to get ready to go out, etc.

Packing List

- Three different outfits

- Lingerie accessories (stockings, garters, robes)

- Hats or hair accessories

- Jewelry

- Scarves, ties, or other clothing you wish to use

- Heels or other shoes

- Personal items to use as props (yours or your partner's)

- Intimate accessories

- Makeup if you have specific colors/brands you prefer to use

- Hair brushes, irons, etc. if you have specific ones you prefer to use

The Big Day


Apply foundation and concealer only

My team will apply the finishing touches to your makeup based on what you communicated with them earlier. Arriving with your own foundation and concealer applied will free up more time for shooting, more outfit or scenery changes, etc.

Wear loose-fitting clothing

I highly recommend you wear relaxed-fitting clothing and forego the jewelry and bra if possible to reduce the number of marks left on your body through the day. 

Eat well

Sessions are typically 4 hours long with half of the time reserved for hair and makeup and the other have for shooting. 

Arrive as scheduled

Please arrive as scheduled with us. Session time begins as scheduled or upon early arrival and will not be extended due to late arrivals.

Let loose and have fun!

Kick back, relax, and just be yourself! You will have an amazing time and absolutely love the way you look and feel. Anyone can be a model and you will rock it!

Before Booking
After Booking
Day Prior
The Big Day
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